21 Days of Prayer and Fasting



Sept. 2nd Thru Sept. 22nd

Jesus commissioned us to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus (Matt. 28:18-20). Our power to be used by him to effect change in this world begins with prayer and fasting. That power is not our own, it comes from God. We accomplish nothing using our own wisdom and power. We must be completely dependent on God.

Beginning September 2nd thru the 22nd we will embark on a Church-wide 21 Day Prayer & Fast...fully submitting to God in prayer together, that he will display his person and his power in unprecedented ways to advance the gospel so more people can meet, know and follow Jesus.

Following our 21 days of Prayer & Fasting, on Sunday September 30th after service we will have a workshop on Evangelism and then put our  faith in God into action by reaching out to the community sharing the gospel and inviting them to join us on Sun. October 14th for a special "Building God's Kingdom Together" Community Worship Service.  We pray that everyone young and old will participate in this powerful move of God to help Build God's Kingdom Together.


Daily Devotionals: 

Day Theme Read Scripture
Day 1 The Good News of the Kingdom Matthew 6:25-33
Day 2 Translated into the Kingdom Colossians 1:9-14
Day 3 The King of the Kingdom Matthew 21:1-11
Day 4 The Kingdom Citizens Ephesians 2:14-19
Day 6 Lifestyle of the Kingdom Romans 14:14-23
Day 7 The Constitution of the Kingdom Psalm 19:7-14
Day 8 The Kingdom Culture Matthew 5:3-10
Day 9 Seeking First The Kingdom Matthew 6:25-34
Day 10 Your Kingdom Come Matthew 6:5-15
Day 11 Let Your Kingdom Come in Our Church Eph.2:19-22
Day 12 The Kingdom Family Matthew 16:21-28
Day 13 Kingdom Singles 1 Corinthians 7:25-40
Day 14 The Keys of the Kingdom Matthew 16:13-20
Day 15 The Kingdom Children Matthew 18:1-6, Mark 10:3-5
Day 16 Walking in Kingdom Authority Psalm 8:1-6, Luke 10:17-23
Day 17 Walking in Kingdom Power Luke 24:44-50, 1 Cor.4:14-20
Day 18 Living by Kingdom Principles John 18:28-38
Day 19 The Church and the Kingdom Colossians 1:15-23
Day 20 Leadership in the Kingdom Luke 22:24-27 
Day 21 Expanding God's Kingdom Matthew 9:35-38, John 4:27-38



In over fifty references to fasting in the Old and New Testaments, there is no specific command to fast, with the exception of the Day of Atonement for the Jews. In the New Testament it was assumed that fasting would be a part of the normal devotional life of the believer.

Matthew 6:16  When you fast do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show men they are fasting.  I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full.  Notice that Jesus assumed that His followers would fast.

Matthew 9:15  Jesus answered, "How can the guest of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them? then they will fast"  Again, Jesus assumed that His followers would fast.

If these verses indicate that fasting should be a normal discipline in the church (and the numerous examples of fasting support the idea), then what does it mean to fast? What is the purpose of fasting, and how do we go about fasting?

Fasting: Voluntarily going without food and sometimes water, generally for religious purposes.


 Four Types of Fasting Referred to in the Bible Are:

    1.  Normal Fasting - going without food for up to 40 days (Ex. 34:28; Ezra 8:21,23;

          Dan. 6:18; Luke 2:37; Mark 2:18; Matt. 4:2; Acts 13:2-3; 14-23 and others).

     2.   Partial Fasting - abstaining from certain foods (Daniel 10:3)

     3.   Absolute Fasting - going without food or water no more than 3 days (Esther

           4:16; this is very rare in the Bible)   

     4.   Voluntary Group Fasting - called for a specific reason for a specific group of

           people (1 Samuel 7:6; 2 Chronicles 20:3; Jonah 3:5; and others).


Purpose of Fasting:

1.        Fasting as a means of worship, which must be God-centered, God-intended,

          and God-ordained.

2.        Fasting as an expression of grief, distress, or repentance.

3.        Fasting as preparation for God's guidance and renewal (Daniel 9; Ex. 24).

4.        Fasting to reveal the things that control us and hinder our intimacy with God.

5.        Fasting to remind us that we are sustained "by every word that proceeds from

          the mouth of God."

6.       Fasting to help keep our balance in life. 


Practice of Fasting:

Occasional Fasting - eat a light meal (fruit, vegetables, yogurt, etc). Skip 2-3 meals, and drink a lot of water. Break the fast with fruit juices followed by a light meal. Avoid oils, dressings, and starch for a couple of meals.

Regular Discipline of Fasting - begin slowly with a partial 24-hour (2 meal) fast once a week for several weeks. During this fasting time, drink fruit juices. After succeeding with this for several weeks, move to a 36 hour (3 meal) fast. Break these fasts with a light meal of fruit and vegetables.

Optional Fasting - if skipping meals is not possible, try fasting certain types of food (sweets, soft drinks, etc.) or leisure activities (TY, sports, etc.).   

Points to Remember While Fasting:

1.        Monitor your inner attitudes and maintain a worshipful attitude.

2.        Be careful not to call attention to what you are doing.

3.        Devote this fasting time to devotional activities.

4.        Seek the Lord regarding extended fasting.*

5.        Remember that the major work of scriptural fasting is in the realm of the spirit.

* If you are diabetic, diagnosed with hypoglycemia or other serious medicalconditions, 

   please seek advice from your physician prior to fasting from food.

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